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World Traveler

I never considered myself much of a world traveler, but...

I climbed Bear Mountain,
stood in the crown of Lady Liberty and
scaled the peak of Diamond Head.

I've ridden the subways of Manhattan,
the Metro in DC, and
the trams of Tokyo Disney World.

I've driven the roads of the Rockies,
stood beneath the falls in the Smokies, and
camped in the hills of Tennessee.

I snorkled in the Pacific,
kayaked in the Atlantic, and
white water rafted down the Nantahala.

I paid to go through tunnels,
cross bridges, and
ride New York City and in Japan.

I walked barefoot on the sands of Ocean Isle,
luaued on the beaches of Oahu,
collected shells at Seaside, Wrightsville and Point Pleasant,
cased the boardwalks in Wildwood and Atlantic City.

I've eaten in Chinatown and Little Italy,
Bar Harbour and Boston,
flew through the airports of Chicago and L.A.,
Detroit and Houston.

I lived in the suburbs,
commuted to the city, and
vacationed in the country.

I now live in the city,
steer clear of the suburbs,
and plan to move to the country.

I've traveled by boat, car, rail and air,
gone north, south, east and west...

I've been to a lot of places.

Where in the world have you been?

Make a list of all the places you've lived and vacations you've been on. For a fun family project you can map out these places. You may use this Blank U.S. Map Template or check out this Index of Blank Map Templates to get you started.

You may be more of a world traveler than you thought...READY, SET, GO!

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